Reina Mora is a force to reckon with, gifted with powerful vocals. Her work exemplifies female empowerment and prosperity. She offers an honest portrayal of a modern woman rising out the ashes and discovering their individual power. Her latest release "Trouble" supports this, the single illustrates a tale of a relationship doomed from the start. A young woman's addiction to bad romance and the chaos which follows. Mora's lyricism paints a vivid portrait of a couple struggling with temptation, completely entangled by the various highs and lows in which define passion.Completely unexpected, this release exceeds the boundaries of the genre. Producing thoughtful notions and an integral look at a young woman's consciousness when love is at stake. 

Reina Mora is the musical brainchild of a singer/songwriter Leeane Melendez from Puerto Rico currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. She has just released her single “Trouble”. Her influences are deeply rooted in Puerto Rican roots inspired by Plena, Baladas and Salsa but she blends that along with timeless music making sure all instruments are played live. She is currently in the studio completing her Album “Birds Eye View” with producer Omer Avni from Riotvan productions which show her range of different styles but still remaining true to her unique sound.